Water Delivery & Distribution Infrastructure

Past project assignments include design of local subdivision and water utility distribution circuits to design of major water transportation projects for regional aquifer recharge, urban water supply reservoirs and fire protection facilities.  Professional services for large diameter water main projects include design of complex connections to existing large diameter aqueducts such as the Central Arizona Project, design of water wells and booster pump facilities, and oversight and direction of regional permitting applications for underground water storage reservoirs and aquifer recharge facilities in the State of Arizona.

Project Renews 36” Water Delivery System, Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona.

Water Recharge Basin and Waterfowl Habitat, Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona. 

CWC 2MG Water Reservoir #6, Green Valley, Pima County, Arizona.

Crane Lake Relocation Project, Cochise County, Arizona.